Extension and attic conversions

Attic conversions are becoming more and more popular these days.

Attic conversions are not only a popular option but indeed a unique way to create and design an attractive living space in your home.  Though these conversions are performed more often in older homes, they can certainly add living space, elegance, and a whole new style to any style home at all.

Whether you need an in-law apartment, an added bedroom for the independent teenager in the family, a writing studio, an exercise or meditation room, or even an entertainment room or loft for the family to spend quality time together, attic conversions are definitely an ideal option. If you are thinking of using the new space as a bedroom our team of experts will measure your furniture and be sure to build out and design the room to accommodate each and every piece or if you are thinking of adding an entertainment room, then we give focus first on the size of your TV, lounging chairs and the entertainment centre itself.  Regardless of the type of room, or its furnishings, rest assured the professionals here at Bosch Thomas Construction are the team for you.

Bosch Thomas Construction

In addition to proper planning of space, concern must be given to plumbing as well as heating and cooling pipes that will need to be extended upwards.  Existing attic windows will need to be replaced to allow for energy efficiency and appropriate insulation.  Attic steps can be redesigned to include a stylish railing as well.   Overall, there are many challenges, but just as many benefits when you set out to create additional living space on the very top floor of your home.

If the structure of your attic is sufficient for a build out, then what an ideal option it is.  Often times attics have a good deal of space. The space may be a geometric nightmare that requires a great deal of planning and specialized designs.  In addition, proper ventilation is a huge concern since humidity and heat rise, requiring adequate control of each.

Despite the many challenges and obstacles, the benefits offered by an attic conversion, include a significant increase and enhancement of your home’s living space.  A conversion will add square footage to your living space or change the description of your home from a 4-bedroom to a 5-bedroom home.  A well designed newly added attic living space also increases the comfort and appeal of the home as well as its overall value.


A client’s budget, the style and condition of the attic stairs, compliance with codes and regulations, the geometric layout of the attic space and the client’s overall goal have to all be taken into consideration when determining whether or not an attic conversion is an option for increasing your home’s living space.  Regardless of the tasks, the team here at Bosch Thomas Construction is on hand to help with all your decision making.

Whether you are thinking about adding living space for work or relaxation, rest assured you have come to the right place.  An attic conversion affords homeowners and their families a room that is closed off to the remainder of the house. It is more than quiet, secluded and peaceful and provides a sort of safe haven where you can escape from the hectic, fast-paced world that challenges you day in and day out.

If you are thinking about performing an attic conversion, then take time out today to schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to serving you and to helping you turn that unique, one-of-a-kind dream into a once in a lifetime reality.  Don’t delay.  Contact our friendly, professionals today!