About us

Bosch Thomas Construction is a 4 Generation Construction Company that caters for all of your building needs.

Our Construction Company has been in business since 1992 so you can be assured that you are getting the very best in quality along with unrivalled experience.

The company has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees, and community.

Core Values



We recognize that our primary asset is people. To be successful, Bosch Thomas Construction must be a rewarding place to work. Our goal is that we have a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment where people feel physically and emotionally safe. We want every person at Bosch Thomas Construction and every person who steps onto a Bosch Thomas Construction site to truly believe that they are contributing to, and have a sense of belonging to, something extraordinary. Our crew work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.




We remain true to our founding values of quality, honesty, and hard work. We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We “do the right thing.” Bosch Thomas Construction is a business based on trust. Bosch Thomas Construction is consistently associated with the high standards of service, quality, personal attention to clients, and integrity. Because of this reputation the company has the privilege of leading some of the highest profile, often one-of-a-kind, projects in Ireland.



BTC are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We understand that lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business, so we pay personal attention to our clients by focusing on them as individuals. Our founder, Thomas Bosch, referred to our clients, appropriately, as our “respected friends.”



Safe: Live Injury Free Every Day

Bosch Thomas Construction’s safety-first philosophy is Building L.I.F.E. (Living Injury Free Every day). The Building L.I.F.E. approach strives to eliminate worksite incidents through pre-planning construction activities with safety engagement commencing at project pursuit. These standards along with our policies, mandatory safety inspections and training programs have created a comprehensive and effective safety organization. Building L.I.F.E. is supported by four guiding principles:

  • Injuries are Preventable
  • Perform a Job Only if it is Safe
  • Working Safely is a Condition of Employment
  • Practice and Expect Safe Behaviour Everywhere, Every Day.


Diverse and Inclusive

Bosch Thomas Construction fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all employees contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and have the opportunity to grow. Our diverse and inclusive workforce positions the company to grow, enhances our presence in diverse markets, and helps us build enduring relationships with each other, industry partners, and our clients.

We do our best work in teams made up of individuals with different backgrounds, skills, and passions so we cultivate diversity on our sites. We strive to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences. Inclusion is leveraging these differences to build a foundation for personal and professional growth. A culture of inclusion encourages and seeks new ideas and experiences, values and engages everyone.



Bosch Thomas Construction recognizes the importance of innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The process of building a company and a workforce for the future requires tremendous adaptability and vision. A key element of our company vision is to develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes. As part of our effort to achieve this vision, Bosch Thomas Construction fosters a culture where employees share their ideas and engagement with one another to develop innovative ideas as well as evaluate and implement improvements at Bosch Thomas Construction.



Bosch Thomas Construction embraces a Lean management approach, and a culture that emphasizes collaboration, reliability of scheduling and delivery of the most value while consuming the fewest resources. Lean principles drive the efficient delivery of our services. Lean culture emphasizes re-imagining and eliminating waste in all forms and creating predictable, reliable workflows.

On projects that develop and maintain a Lean culture of continuous improvement, our project teams have experienced improvements in design team and trade contractor relationships, communication, scope definition, coordination, cost, and schedule performance.



Bosch Thomas Construction understands the environmental, social, and economic impact of our activities and that it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner that supports our goals for client service, community involvement, environmental performance, financial strength and employee health, safety, and wellbeing. Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share our commitments.

  • Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services
  • Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment
  • Be an Active Community Partner
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Drive Continuous Improvement

These principles serve as the foundation of our actions.


Active Community Partner

Bosch Thomas Construction’s commitment to community and educational outreach is rooted in the belief that service is an essential part of good corporate citizenship. We participate in and sponsor a wide variety of programs which support youth education, health and welfare and improving the viability of local businesses.